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As a firm that works in the digital marketing and public relations industry, Reputation Changer understands the value of a positive online reputation. The way in which a business is represented to the general public plays a critical role in converting consumers to customers or clients, and those businesses which possess the best public image will undoubtedly prove the most profitable and successful. While certainly many factors contribute to determining the online image of a business, none play a larger role than online reviews and testimonials from previous clients or customers. And it’s for this reason that the folks at invite you to examine some of our own reviews from former clients, many of whom had fallen victim to unfair or predatory attacks from anonymous online critics. However, before we get started, let us take a look at the Online Reputation Management Industry itself so that we may further our understanding of its origins, its progress, and its bourgeoning future.

The Origins and Progression of Online Reputation Management

While the Online Reputation Management industry is relatively new, it is rooted in a field that is almost as old as business itself. In many ways, the Marketing and Public Relations initiatives of businesses are two of the most important components behind the success of any given product or service, in that they help to raise awareness while simultaneously quelling client or customer concerns. This is a concept that business owners have understood for centuries, if not millennia, and it is also a concept that proved its worth long ago. However, due to recent paradigm shifts in technology that forever changed the ways in which consumers find information, many of the marketing and public relations models of the past are now antiquated and obsolete.  Fortunately, firms like Reputation Changer are taking the reins from the old engineers of image and finding new solutions, directing the industry through an increasingly complex and digital world that is as ripe with as many pitfalls as it is with opportunities.

Those of us who remember using a phone book to find the number of a local pizza shop know that the ways in which people find information have changed dramatically over the past two decades. However, few realize how much the type of information that we find has changed as well. In today’s world, not only is it possible to find the number of your local pizza shop with just a click of button, it’s also possible to find hundreds of reviews of that pizza shop within the same search parameters. So whereas a simple Yellow Page listing may have positively supported the marketing initiatives of yesteryear, the digital equivalent of that listing can prove both helpful and hurtful. Luckily, Online Reputation Management firms like Reputation Changer have the power to decrease the hurtful and negative outcome by eliminating the unfavorable reviews that cost businesses money.

Although governing laws of free speech and communication make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove most reviews, businesses do have the power to hide negative reviews from view. Online Reputation Management firms such as Reputation Changer refer to the process of concealing these negative listings as review suppression, a tactic that is almost just as effective as eliminating reviews altogether. Suppression Plans aim to push negative listings down in search results pages. And since research has shown that more than ninety percent of consumers never look past the first page of search results when looking for information, these suppression plans effectively remove the listing from view.

Reputation Changer Reviews and Testimonials

The reviews and testimonials provided below are from real Reputation Changer customers who successfully eliminated their negative listings and restored their online reputation. For the sake of their privacy and the continued success of their campaigns, their names have been changed.

“My law firm came under attack from a former client who had misunderstood the terms of our service contract. Literally less than a week after we had gone our separate ways, allegations against my firm started to appear on the first page of Google. These allegations were entirely unfounded, even outright slanderous, but we couldn’t prosecute because of the Communications Decency Act. I had previously read about Reputation Changer’s Clearing Plans in a press release, and I contacted them right away. I’m happy I did, too. Within the first two months of service, the first three pages of Google were inundated with positive press about my firm and the negative review was at the bottom of the fourth page. What’s even better? The positive press used to suppress the listing raised awareness about my firm and we’re signing new clients all the time.” – Blake Barker

“I run a veterinary clinic in rural Maryland. Unfortunately, the very nature of my business forces me to deal with the deaths of beloved pets on a fairly regular basis, and I’m often the bearer of bad news. In January of 2012, I started seeing complaints about our facilities online, many of which accused me of being a ‘murderer.’ Not only did this sadden me deeply as a pet lover, it also cost me patients and income. I contacted Reputation Changer to see if they could help. And they did! Now when a search for the name of my clinic is conducted, I see nothing but positive and glowing reviews.” – Karen Daly D.V.M.

“As a teacher, I have to keep a pretty clean image in order to be a good role model for my students. But a year ago, a so-called ‘friend’ decided it would be a good idea to post some old college photos of me online that were less than flattering. If I hadn’t contacted Reputation Changer to sign up for an Image Clearing Plan, I’m convinced it would have cost me my career. Thanks!” – Jules Freeman

Reputation Changer Service Offerings

As the industry’s leading Online Reputation Management firm, Reputation Changer strives to continuously create innovative technology that suits every client’s needs. Remember that no two ORM campaigns are the same, and that different situations require different solutions. Provided below is a list of some of the most popular plans from

Clearing Plans

Among the most popular of our services, Clearing Plans allow businesses and individuals to remove negative reviews and other listings from the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Image Suppression

As the internet becomes increasingly visual, Image Suppression Plans are gaining in popularity. Typically, the clients who sign up for these plans want to remove an undesirable image, such as a mug-shot or party-photo, from Google Image search. Just like Clearing Plans, these plans implement suppression tactics to remove negative photos.

Wikipedia Management

Wikipedia is one of the most highly trafficked and authoritative sites on the web. While the site largely relies upon user-submitted information to create its articles, manipulating this site is not nearly as easy as it once was. Wikipedia editors and admins are on the lookout for people who attempt to spam their pages, and editing takes time, resources, and knowledge. Fortunately, Reputation Changer team members know what it takes to make changes stick.

Google AutoComplete

Google’s AutoComplete feature increases efficiency by generating recommended searches for a number of different queries. If the name of a client’s business is paired with a negative recommendation such as “fraud” or “scam,” it increases the likelihood that consumers will stumble upon associated negative listings. By leading a team of U.S.-based researchers who understand the AutoComplete formula, Reputation Changer can effectively eliminate negative AutoComplete results. is committed to providing top-notch service to improve the lives and livelihoods of our clients. To learn more about the services offered by Reputation Changer, and to read client reviews of those services, please refer to the subpages of this site.

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Jun 19, 2013 by Debbie. B.

I am very excited to share my wonderful experience with Reputation Changer. I just began my own company and wanted to establish a brand, but I needed help. I partnered with Reputation Changer after speaking with one of their representatives and explaining my story.

I worked with them for about 2 months and couldn't be happier with my results. Before partnering with Reputation Changer, my brand was completely non-existent. When you Googled my company, nothing came up. Now, all sorts of positive information come up for my suggested search terms.

I am truly amazed at what this company has done for me. They were able to take an unknown name and transform it into something big. The workers were friendly, courteous, and overall, wonderful to work with. I would recommend their services to everyone I know!


May 13, 2013 by mike

I couldn't be more impressed with your services. Since I started my campaign in October 2012, my negatives have been severely pushed back. Reputation Changer is definitely number one in my book, and I will be continuing my services as needed.

May 07, 2013 by John T.

Thank you for going above and beyond for our campaign. I just searched for myself and the negatives are gone from the first 10 pages. Expect many referals


May 07, 2013 by John

My online reputation was preventing me from getting a decent job anywhere. Reputation Changer literally gave me my second chance at life and now I can walk into the interviews feeling confident about my reputation. You guys live up to being the number 1 SEO company.

Top Dogs in Online Reputation Management

May 06, 2013 by Ali M.

After trying many different online reputation management companies, Reputation Changer provided me with the results I was looking for. They are definitely the top dogs in the industry and were able to suppress my negative listings in a few short months. I highly recommend this company to anyone.

Awesome design

Apr 29, 2013 by Michael

Awesome design, congrats for the new site 800-269-7984 10 North Church Street West Chester CA, 39530 USA 5.0 5.0 6 6 I am very excited to share my wonderful experience with Reputation Changer. I just began my own company and wanted to establish a brand, but I needed help. I partnered with Reputat
10 North Church Street West ChesterCA39530 USA 
 • 800-269-7984

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